Fridge Poetry for those of us without our own fridge!

I recently purchased a few Magnetic Poetry sets on sale at Barnes and Noble. I already had the Green set (my favorite color. How could I resist?) and when I saw many of the games, including the magnetic poetry sets, were 50% off, I picked up the Book Lover set and the Artist set. Those are probably the two I wanted most. No doubt, there are a few I wouldn’t mind having, but I am quite satisfied with the variety I have now.

However… I am living with my family for the time being, and thus, I don’t have my own refrigerator. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind, but I suspect the magnets would get knocked down and kicked around, and I just don’t trust the kids.  Things tend to get mysteriously destroyed (not that its ever anyone’s fault. We have ghosts…) I do have a magnetic whiteboard I use, but it is fairly small. So… my play is limited. Someday, I shall have my own refrigerator, and my own home too.

The other night while I was playing with them, it occurred to me that a good way to prompt abstract thought and stir up poetry is to try to connect unrelated, concrete words (which is part of why magnetic poetry is so entertaining). I thought it would be really helpful to find a program in which you can input a list of words and then click a button to receive a random handful of words from your list. Apparently… no one with programming knowledge seemed to think it quite as cool as I did, because I could find no such thing. Bummer.

Here’s where the good news comes in. I found something better! I came across a program that acts like magnetic poetry.  Various websites  (including have online versions, which are fun, but this little program has some extra features. (Not to mention, it doesn’t require a refrigerator!)

You can drag and rearrange words, and choose from multiple lists in a sidebar. You can even add words as needed (eliminating the frustration of missing just one word!) or move the entire poem over to make room for an extra line. And its really easy to make word lists– just open the “words” file, create a new text file (this can be done through textpad or simply by opening an existing file and clicking new). Type a word, hit enter, and repeat to your heart’s content. Save, and voila! New custom word list!

And remember my initial purpose? Well, there’s a button that adds a random word. Click that a few times, and I have a small assortment of entirely random words to exercise those synapses. I am sooooo excited.

Download Here: Ipoetry1.exe

For quick, temporary gratification, try these online sites


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