I Now Possess Personal Space! Calloo Callay! (This also means I have an almost-studio)

During my college years, my family found it necessary to move to a different house. This different house had nearly the same square footage, but one less bedroom. Since I was in college, this didn’t much matter, other than stashing my boxes (like my brother has use for a closet anyhow…) However, over the summer, it was quite difficult. And now, I’m home for an indeterminate amount of time (say… until the economy looks up?) Sleeping on the couch was getting a bit old, and as mentioned, I was doing my art in the middle of the night on the kitchen table. Not exactly condusive for creativity (except perhaps with timing…). Well, no more!

My cousins were living with us for a time (long and painful story there. Oh, the agony!!) but they aren’t any longer. I helped my sister repair the damage to her room, cleaning up the trash and whatnot left behind, even vacuuming and shampooing and then… I moved in! So I’ve spend the last week rearranging the furniture and whatnot (helping my brother too– there was carnage in his room too) and then moving my things in. The result: I now have a bed (oh, the luxury!) and my big big desk for an art space. Soooo happy.

Here is my wonderful, so-much-comfier-and-more-private-than-the-couch bed. I grew up sleeping on the top bunk, but in the last few years I’ve found I like the bottom bunk. Its my own little sheltered nook.


And here is my desk/studio and bookcases. Yes, there are a lot of books. Funny thing is I still have four more boxes of books in the garage right now. I like books. A lot.


Some of my Desk Drawers

stamp-drawer2 My stamp drawer, nicely organized into stamp pads, clear stamps, and wooden stamps. I made sure this drawer was on top, on the right hand side. I like my stamps!
marker-paint-drawer-2 Home to my prismacolor markers (they are in marker cases, so you can’t see them, but I have lots) my other art pens, my paints, and my paintbrushes.
ephemera-drawer-2 My collected ephemera, bookpages, postage stamps, tea wrappers, fortunes, paint chips, and whatever else looks good for collage drawer. There are also some books I sodomize for pages in the back too.

Craft Caddy Thingy

plastic-drawers pastels-and-pencils-drawer1
Above, you can see the more interesting top drawer where I keep my oil pastels, chalks, and my giant box of prismacolor pencils. The sad thing is that I never use these anymore. I need to find a reason to, if for no other reason, because I own these supplies, and should use them.

Other Highlights

books scrapbooking-extras
My favorite art and writing books (only my favorites, mind you…) Some of my scrapbooking letters, punch outs, and extras.
scrapbook-paper paper-pads
My collection of scrapbooking paper. I’ve yet to actually use it though… All my art paper pads, and a few larger books for altering that wouldn’t fit in the drawer.

Needless to say, expect to see some more art. All my supplies have a place, I have a space to work on, and I even have an empty drawer where works in progress can hide from the cats overnight, if needed. I have slightly less time now (I have a second job!) but more space in which to exercise my creativity. I think space wins. Let the art begin!

About cassandramarie

Cassandra is a 24 year old soon-to-be teacher, used-to-be poet, and when-I-can mixed-media artist; a bookish little nerd with her head in the clouds and the Lord's Word in her heart. View all posts by cassandramarie

2 responses to “I Now Possess Personal Space! Calloo Callay! (This also means I have an almost-studio)

  • ~*~Patty

    I could never work in such a neat art space….kidding, wouldn’t I just Love to have things so organized here AND an empty drawer… LOL

    • cassandramarie

      We’ll see how long it stays that way, but for now, its working out well. Sometimes, I’ve had second thoughts about starting a project simply for the hassel of pulling things out and putting them back, but now its all ready for me. Granted, WHILE I’m working, its nothing but neat. It helps the clean up process when it has a place though!

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