ATCs- “Grapefruit” and “Pomegranate”

After doing my grandmother’s birthday present, I was inspired to do more fruit. Specifically, I wanted to do half a pear. Then, it occured to me that I could do lots of other fruits as well. Thus, the first of a series of fruit half collages. Even better, there is a “Fruit” challenge on the Created by Hand website, so these first two will be entered there. Because my newest toy is a mini iron and a block of beeswax, these (and likely the rest as well) are beeswax collages. The wax smells like honey and I’m really enjoying this!



I may create a tutorial as I put together one of the fruit ATCs, if I clear off my desk enough to get my tripod up there.

See my other ATCs.

About cassandramarie

Cassandra is a 24 year old soon-to-be teacher, used-to-be poet, and when-I-can mixed-media artist; a bookish little nerd with her head in the clouds and the Lord's Word in her heart. View all posts by cassandramarie

9 responses to “ATCs- “Grapefruit” and “Pomegranate”

  • yogi

    Very nice. Interesting take on the subject.

  • Lotus L Vele

    I love these ATC’s! I’ve always wanted to try my hand at the beeswax thing… ; )
    Take it easy

    • cassandramarie

      Once you get what you need, its really fun. Only downside is painting is not really an option unless its preplanned. Adding melted crayon works, but it also can muddy up and stain lighter papers, which gets frustrating. But still, I recommend trying it!

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  • Tifany D.

    Awesome! I love the pomegranate…what did you use for the reds and yellows in the background?

    • cassandramarie

      That one is my favorite thus far too!

      The background was initially a pale wash of watercolor, with pink and a sort of dandelion yellow ink stamped with a giant swirl stamp (I just used different parts in various angles) and then I inked the edges in red. Some of the pink picked up the red (its actually this teeny tiny dual pink and red stamp pad that came with a valentines set I got) and I liked the effect, so I repeated it. These colors are brighter than usual, but it worked in this case.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Mary

    I think your fruit series is excellent!!! Love them all but I think the pear is my favorite. I have some wax but haven’t gotten up the nerve to use it yet. I like what you are doing and will check out your site further…thanks for coming by my site. I’ll add you to my links

  • Denise D

    I LOVE your ATCs. Is the Pomegranate for sale? I would like to buy it if you’d consider selling it.

    Please let me know. — Denise Doyen

  • ketutar

    I love these two too 😀
    Can’t work with beeswax… what to you is enjoyable: the smell of honey, is nauseating to me. I can’t stand honey. But beeswax is an amazing product. 🙂

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