I’m back (but off to a slow start)

Well, my distraction was forcibly removed via school. His spring break ended, and thus, there was no avoiding it. I am back, and ready to go!


For one, I’m sick. Not miserably sick, but tired, chained to a tissue box, and unhappy with the medicine I bought (note to self: the placebo effect is NOT always effective, even with real medicine!) For awhile, I resorted to sticking bits of tissues in my nose just so I could focus on my work and not be distracted. It was awkward, at best, but helpful for a short time.

Second, the momentum I had a week ago has come to a dead halt. I was afraid this was going to happen, and so I can’t say I’m entirely surprised, but I had this hope that I would be able to jump back in and get a running start as if it was nothing. As if!

Finally, I am missing him, and frankly, just a bit mopey. Ok, a LOT mopey. After nine days of his near constant presence, I am in withdrawal. I feel more like myself when I am with him, more like I can do anything. At a distance, it works to an extent, but the initial shock always leaves me feeling pretty low.

Despite the slow start, I am not at a standstill. While he was here, I was as mentioned, QUITE distracted. But a few creative things did happen.

We took a walk, infiltrating SDSU’s campus in search of the rumored Dick Blick store residing there. After an hour, we found it. And it was closed. As I’m only in the area on Sundays, it won’t be an option like I was hoping, but the walk was pretty, and the peek in the windows made me drool.

While we were out, I photographed as many trees as I could (and continued throughout the week) and I hope to use them in a future project, inspired by an a piece I hope I can find again so I can give credit. Who knows when it will actually come to fruition, but nonetheless, the photos were taken.

During his visit, I sought his technical/handyman skills to help me construct a simple solution to a desk dilemma. I now have a shelf just below the desktop for newspaper and wax paper to reside, ever handy for painting. Though hardly fancy (plywood and miniature curtain rods) it will make my life much simpler and help me keep organized, which is an ongoing effort. Also, now I have extra plywood. I haven’t a clue what I am going to do with it, as I can barely hammer, and can’t saw at all.

On the subject of organizing, I got a good amount done on Friday, before he arrived. I can’t say it was the wisest choice, as organization projects turn a simple cleaning effort into an all day (and then some) project, but nonetheless, I’m glad it was done. It is so much nicer now. It’s not finished, but the remaining parts are pending a few purchases.

Joann’s slipped about a billion coupons into my bag on a previous visit, good for this week. Thus, I decided that, over a few trips, I would pick up two or three scrapbook paper boxes for collage paper. I figured it should be simple enough– find a box, or maybe, if the right size, a drawer thing, apply coupon, and then repeat the next night. Oh, how wrong I was. The most available box was “on sale” for $16.99. Are you kidding? I was hoping for half that BEFORE I applied the coupon. I looked at drawer things. Both possibilities were too tall for the space I have available. I scoured the whole store, and finally found a decent and relatively affordable box. At least it won’t (shouldn’t…) be as difficult to get another tomorrow when I visit with yet another coupon. Hopefully, once I get the boxes, my space will be more organized, and it will be simpler to access collage materials. Any tips on organizing would be appreciated though!

Currently, I am working on a journal page about how I responded on an emotional level to him leaving (cheesy, I know). Identifying the cause helped me at least partially bypass a low mood. I was going to finish the page first, then post, but I had to be realistic. Photographing it will be a pain, and just that much worse at night. I’m better off posting in the morning. I plan to finish before bed. Also, depending on how my energy lasts, and how much I get done, I may do a little work on my Wish Journal, as that was set aside when he arrived. I am determined to finish it!


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Cassandra is a 24 year old soon-to-be teacher, used-to-be poet, and when-I-can mixed-media artist; a bookish little nerd with her head in the clouds and the Lord's Word in her heart. View all posts by cassandramarie

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