Not Actually Missing

Much as it might appear I’ve been neglecting the site, it isn’t so. I just have been neglecting the blog portion, and for a good reason. I have been working on a gallery of my work. Previously, I did have a gallery of my ATCs, though there were issues with it. For one, it was difficult to update. Also… I haven’t done many ATCs in this last year. There were also various mistakes in the format. After THREE WEEKS (I kid you not) of grueling work with html, and no small amount of griping and tears, I have finally completed my gallery. Look at the shiny tab above! See? That wasn’t there before. Granted, turns out, I did leave something out. *facepalm* Oh well. Give me a few days.

In this process, it has become clear to me that I have outgrown Wordpress. It’s lovely for what it is, and I’d still totally recommend it to the casual blogger, but I have had little annoyances here and there for awhile. Now, trying to put together an attractive and efficient display of my work in hopes of making art more than just a hobby, I realized I will probably need to find a different server, one that doesn’t limit which html I can and cannot use, and allows CSS (which… I don’t actually know yet, but clearly need to learn). Also, as I have no extra money, it needs to be free, or very verycheap. At the very least, until my art actually earns anything. I’m willing to renegotiate that if it contributes to it’s own room and board, so to speak.

At any rate, during all this grueling work and frustration, there were still crafts done here and there, either due to the holiday, craft nights with friends, or swapbot swaps (of which I overwhelmed myself with in the beginning of the month– oops!). There are also a few art related things rattling in my head that I’ve wanted to ramble about. However, if I was on wordpress, my energy went first to the gallery.

That said, expect some updates on various April activities in the next week.

About cassandramarie

Cassandra is a 24 year old soon-to-be teacher, used-to-be poet, and when-I-can mixed-media artist; a bookish little nerd with her head in the clouds and the Lord's Word in her heart. View all posts by cassandramarie

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