Cassandra is a 23 year old soon-to-be teacher, used-to-be poet, and when-I-can mixed-media artist; a bookish little nerd with her head in the clouds and the Lord’s Word in her heart.

Enjoyable Things:

trees the sound of leaves scuttling along an empty street overcast, cloudy days rain memories deep and meaningful conversations creative use of language foreign languages old maps things that flutter browns and earth toned colors the soulful notes of a cello gypsy music rich textured fabrics dandelion puffs plump, velvety moths classic children’s literature and the accompanying illustrations

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8 responses to “About

  • knowledgetoday

    I love your site. Keep it up !

  • Rachel

    Hi Cassandra, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I cannot see an email address on your site, but to answer your question about Dusty Concord – It is a Distress Ink made by Ranger and endorsed by Tim Holtz, you should find it easily enough if you google it. Best Wishes, Rachel (www.creativeflight.blogspot.com)

  • Heather Robinson

    Hi Cassandra! I sure appreciate the lovely comment you made on my blog and am thrilled that you entered my giveaway. You asked how I created the look on the cover of the journal. It is done with Titanium white heavy body acrylic and stencils. I learned the technique in a Sarah Whitmire workshop online offered by Joggles. I have the link to Joggles on the right hand side of my blog if you wish to have a look. Lovely to “meet” you! Heather

  • Deblyn

    early this morning i saw a migration!
    thousands upon thousands of birds all heading south
    and calling out to one another as they flew ~ swallows ~

    i so enjoy your art and the integration of words and art!
    i too am studying to be a teacher. i too love Jesus.
    i want to begin my own blog. thank you for the inspiration!

  • beatrizartjournal

    I share many of the items in your list of enjoyable things!
    I just discovered Art Journaling and I’m taking my first writer’s workshop in a language that is not my first language. It is fun and challenging to try to express yourself in both unknown laguages:English & Art.
    Here are my first exercises:
    this is my site
    Please get in touch if you have a chance, I want to learn form all of you at the Many Maniacs Creating Art site. Have a great 2010!

  • beatrizartjournal

    Thank you Cassandra for your comment about the poem exercises on my blog. This the first time a take a writer’s workshop and the exercises are fun to do! I’m glad you want to try it.

  • Luca

    Wonderful pieces of art 🙂
    keep keeping on!

  • Reev

    Wow, I’m glad I stumbled upon your site. Accidentally clicked on it in one of the WordPress forums looking for an answer to: How do you create pagebreaks. Haha. Your work is inspiring. Do you do collaborations? 🙂

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