Mini-Tutorial: How to Draw a Compass Rose

Neverland Step 8

For now, I only have the one picture, but maybe I can get step by step pictures soon.

Step 1. First, find an appropriate sized circle and trace it (my circles are often sketch, and distinctly oval shaped). Then, estimate the center, and place a small dot.
Step 2. Then, connect that dot to North, South, East, and West.
Then, about a quarter inch away from the center dot, place a dot centered between North and West, between North and East, between East and South, and between South and West.
Step 3. Connect each dot to the nearest point on the compass to create the star shape.
Step 4. Then, connect the dots to the edge of the circle, creating NW, NE, SE, and SW.
Step 5. Like before, make dots about a quarter inch away, this time along the edge of the previous star shape.
Step 6. Connect NW, NE, SE, and SW to the dots on the main star shape. This should result in four points coming out from between the four points of the main star.
Step 7. Between each star point, draw an arc “parallel” with the outer circle, about an eighth inch inside. This should create a ring.
Step 8. Draw 2 arcs between each star point, this time towards the center, to create an inner ring.
Step 9. On each outer ring segment, make a mark cutting it in half, and then one on each side, cutting it into quarters. Repeat for the inner ring.
Step 10. To create the decorative doo-dad on top, first draw a circle at North, then a triangle pointing up, and then two curl shapes, one on the right, and one on the left.
Step 11. Draw in the N, E, S, and W for each of the directions. Reference a calligraphy book or website if you’d like. All done!

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