Art Journal and Collage Art journaling and occasional other collage is my main focus, currently. Here you will find mixed-media work using such materials as found paper, acrylic paint, pens, stamps and ink, markers, pastels, sewing, and written sentiments. Most are either directly into a journal or altered book, or were initially intended to be bound as such.
Artist Trading Cards, often abbreviated as ATCs, are small works of art the size of a trading card (3.5 x 2.5 inches) created with the intention of swapping with other artists. The majority of my ATCs incorporate the same mixed-media techniques as my art journaling and collage, but on a much smaller scale. Artist Trading Cards
Drawings Most are older works, as my passion has leaned more towards mixed-media work. However, I still hold a fondness for marker and ink drawing, and may do more in the future.
As is the case with drawing, I’ve done little painting in recent years that does not incorporate some additional media, so most are older. The majority were completed in a classroom setting, or as gifts. Paintings
Sketches An assortment of characters, concepts, and classmates drawn from past sketchbooks.

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