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Linoleum Carving: Antique Key Stamp

Since I first gained an interest in stamps nearly a year ago, I’ve been interested in ways to make my own.  I’ve tried a few different things, none of which have been totally satisfying, and spent a fortune I shouldn’t have (as a result, I’m now paying off the credit card I used for groceries and gas…). Anyhow, my younger brother is taking art with my old not-so-beloved high school art teacher, and he mentioned they were doing linoleum carving. I never got to do that, and I suffered through both intro classes AND Advanced Placement art with her! I was interested in trying, and was asking him about it, and asked if he’d relay my questions about the best place to procure supplies (as a frequent visitor to art supply stores, I’d not yet seen the “linoleum” section). Sadly, he returned home with her answer. Catalogue. Figures.

Yesterday, after a failed expedition to a local stamp shop having a weekly craft night (I WILL figure out where this place is and join in. I am determined!) I stopped at Michaels so I could at least make the trip productive. I picked up a few colors of distress inks I was looking at (Dusty Concord, Antique Linen, and Weathered Wood) and of course, proceeded to poke around. Towards the end of the visit, I was in the drawing section, and lo and behold, a linoleum carving starter set, at a price I could afford! However, since I was getting the ink pads, I decided to tuck it in my memory for my next trip. It makes me feel slightly less guilty if I stay in the 20$ or less range per each trip, even if my trips are far too frequent.

Turns out, its a good thing I did! I got home, and my brother had a couple paperback sized cuts of linoleum and a speedball cutting tool for me to play with. Apparently, he helped out the teacher with something and she let him take some supplies home. Isn’t that sweet of him to think of me? I was very pleasantly surprised. I’m not sure if the tool is a loan or permanent, but I will get some use out of it while I can!

lino-keylino-print-key1I searched on linoleum cutting, but I didn’t find any useful carving techniques or even how to cut it into smaller pieces. Oh well. I just did what seemed right. Here’s my first attempt, an antique key. A mistake there, and then the attempt to hide it probably didn’t help either, but overall, I like it.  A bit big to use on an ATC, but it would fit nicely on a art journal page, or in an altered book, or something of that sort. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to print with it. I probably need to mount it on wood, or get a stamp press. We’ll see.

An Aged and Worn Treasure Box (for my ATCs)

A year ago, a dear friend enlisted my help in creating a birthday present for one of best friends, a classmate of ours.  They both were passionate about J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan (which has since become a passion of mine as well), and she wanted to make an old looking treasure chest filled with photos from their 4 years in college, chronicling their adventures and good times. We went to Joann’s and picked up a pine box with a hinged lid, and some supplies, including a little carved circle that looked like a compass. She wanted the top to be a map of neverland. We worked on the box over a few nights while watching the recent Peter Pan movie and Stardust, mutual favorites. The end result was absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had a picture. I vowed I would make my own.

I picked up a much smaller box at Joann’s on sale a few months back that was the perfect size to keep my ATCs. Over the last few nights, I’ve completed it. I think our joint effort turned out even better, but I still really like my new little box.


P.S. I took pictures as I created it, so I will posting a tutorial on how to make one of your own over the next few days, probably in 3 parts.

Update: Part one is up. Check in tomorrow for part two.

Update #2: Part two is up as well. Happy creating!