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For A Sweet Young Lady

A beeswax collage done for the 18th birthday of an acquaintance. I’m more than pleased with the result.

I never learn

I SAID I wasn’t going to make any more cards. I realized I was horrible at it. And what do I do? My college roommate’s wedding comes up, and I don’t want to give her an impersonal store card when the gift is already something from the registry rather than something with any thought from me. So, despite previous lessons, I made a card. It is the most horrendously ugly thing I’ve ever seen. For a WEDDING. Where things are supposed to be pretty and elegant. And now, I have a few hours to find a solution, which will likely be some store thing, only with less time to choose a nice one.

I am an idiot.

Thoughts on Card-Making.

I never really understood this whole “card-making” craze. Who do you send all these cards to? How do you come up with clever little hallmark worthy phrases? How do you keep from gagging with all the cutesy themes?

However, I do follow a few challenge sites that include (or focus exclusively upon) cards, and I gave it a try. Despite the HOURS of work that went into making my tree card, I did enjoy it, to an extent. I believe my boyfriend liked it, at least. However, I have resolved I will never make a card again. (Yes, I am aware that by saying so, I will probably end up doing one again for some inescapable cause or another.) My reasoning is as follows.

  1. I don’t do cutesy. I just… can’t. It makes me sick to my stomach.
  2. I work much more complex than what seems to be the way with card making. I can’t stick to a few simple shapes cut from pretty paper.  Part of that is my objection to cutesy, as mentioned in #1. Part of it is that I don’t feel like I’ve DONE anything when it’s that simple. My creativity is not satisfied at all. It feels only slightly better than those prefab projects we did in kindergarten.
  3. I have a heck of a time coming up with something meaningful and clever to say, and I refuse to use canned sentiments. If I wanted canned sentiments, I’d buy a card at the local drug store.
  4. My work is rarely precise. I am a mixed-media artist. Not a good one I realize, but nonetheless, paint flinging is part of my process. Precision bores me, and then when I can’t keep it simple (see #2) its a pain in the butt to try to be precise for the entirety of a complex project.
  5. I don’t have anyone to send cards to anyhow, and if I did, I probably would take too long on the card and then it would be late anyhow.

Card making is just not for me. I gave it a shot, and I still don’t get it.

On a related note, it may be awhile before I post anything, for two reasons.  One, I’m kinda hitting a lovely bout of the doldrums. No inspiration lately. Two, the scanner I am accustomed to using is hooked up to a monitor that decided to stop working. Its within the warranty period, but it still will take time before its fixed/replaced. I can probably use the camera, but those often come out rather odd. By the time I have anything to make, the technical difficulties will likely be past.

Card: My Love is a Tree

I know I haven’t posted for a week now. I have reasons. Partially, it was just being busy. I kid you not, every day for the past week I’ve had some non-work (meaning social!) outing, including a painting group I joined.  The other reason is the project I’ve been working on, which is the reason for today’s post.

This is the first time I’ve done a card, and by far the most complicated work I have undertaken. I was never too interested in cards, but the challenge at Cardvaarks was too much to pass up. I’m obsessed with trees. What can I say? What more, I had an idea, and a recipient. It ended up being much much more work than I anticipated, but the result was worth it.

Tonight, I greet my boyfriend as he returns from Thailand. He has been gone for four months, and sometimes we couldn’t talk for weeks. During his stay, he was even hospitalized with Dengue Fever, and I couldn’t be at his side. He is a constant source of encouragement, of comfort, and of delight. He is my best friend. And for four months, he’s been waaaay over there. The Pacific Ocean is much too big. Even though it is an “I miss you” card, and he will receive it upon his return rather than while actually away I think he will understand.  I can’t even express how excited I am to see him tonight. I am counting the hours.


ATC: Grow

This was what I had in mind for Wednesday Stamper’s Green Challenge, but I didn’t get to it in time. But, good for me, it also fits a few other challenges. Even if not, I would have posted it anyhow. I finished it last night, but my computer was apparently sleepy and didn’t want to work, so I decided to let it nap and try again today.

grow-atcThis was made with watercolors, newspaper, ink pads, letter stamps, and fine tip felt pens. I initially wanted it to say “Growth” but it wouldn’t fit, haha. Anyhow, I’m entering this into Rosie and Linda’s Awfully Big Art Challenge, for the Newsprint theme. It probably would fit a score of spring themes too, haha. This will be up for trade on ATCs for All.

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My Uninformed Artistic Interpretation of Tuscany

tuscany-atc-real-sizeI had a request for an ATC from a person that liked European themes, such as Tuscany. I think that’s awesome, but I’ve never been to Europe, so its hard to really do it right. I looked at some pictures, and came up with this. She also preferred no collage elements, and lately, that’s a challenge for me. I might end up doing another more suitable for her, but I’m pleased with this one.

Materials used: Cardstock, Watercolor, pencil sketching, stamps, and ink.

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