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Reserving the right to be unavailable

I’ve been on a roll artistically, but… that is going to have to go on hold for the time being. Why, you ask? A very very good reason. My biggest supporter is on spring break and staying for a whole week. Now, you’d think that would mean more productivity, wouldn’t you? Well, it just so turns out that he’s also my biggest distraction, haha.

So, actual artwork production will likely only occur while he’s sleeping or working on homework. But fear not! My mind is still going about a million miles an hour in terms of creativity, and he’s always up for the whimsical sorts of things, so I’m sure we’ll do creative things this week, perhaps building things, or taking pictures. Its really only the paintbrushes and whatnot that will be lonely. I will do my best to post this week before bedtime, either on progress on the wish journal, other projects, or just personal thoughts on relevant subjects. Maybe on my workspace reorganization (and the foolishness of trying to do that as part of the pre-company cleaning). Perhaps I’ll write about handy digital tools that help in my creative process, one way or another. Who knows.  I promise I WILL write something.

In the meantime– oh how I love him!