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ATCs- “Kiwi” and “Pear”

A continuation of my fruit series. The first two can be seen on yesterday’s post. Again, wax collages. These two I created for the green challenge on Inspire Me Thursday. I’m not quite as pleased with these as I hoped. Doesn’t help than my scanner doesn’t seem to get along with green.  Oh well. Here they are. We’ll see if I continue this series. I’m somewhat less enthused now that they are going so poorly.



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ATCs- “Grapefruit” and “Pomegranate”

After doing my grandmother’s birthday present, I was inspired to do more fruit. Specifically, I wanted to do half a pear. Then, it occured to me that I could do lots of other fruits as well. Thus, the first of a series of fruit half collages. Even better, there is a “Fruit” challenge on the Created by Hand website, so these first two will be entered there. Because my newest toy is a mini iron and a block of beeswax, these (and likely the rest as well) are beeswax collages. The wax smells like honey and I’m really enjoying this!



I may create a tutorial as I put together one of the fruit ATCs, if I clear off my desk enough to get my tripod up there.

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Art Journal: You Read Me

First- I’m sorry for the absense. First I had no inspiration (anyone else sick of Easter themes?) and then family things took up my time, and then I wasn’t feeling well. I hope to be more regular again.

This week, I got some new toys: a mini-iron and a giant brick of beeswax. Thus, I have completed my first real wax collage, and I enjoy it quite a bit. There were a few snags along the way. For one, shaving wax is neither easy nor fun. Also, if you smear colored wax around or near tissue paper, it gathers strangely. Sometimes this is good, sometimes not.

Interestingly, I had the supplies, and no idea in mind (suitable for wax collage, at least…) I looked at my challenges list, but nothing jumped out at me. So I just started thinking of elements to include, and had a few ideas. Then,  I started picking around in my “box-o-stuff for collage” and found the eyes cut out, remembered I’d seen an “eyes” challenge, and went at it. Only afterward did I check and realize it was for Think Monday Think ATC. Oops. Figures the one project I didn’t do on an ATC should have actually been one. So… no challenge for this one. Its just for fun.


The words/title seemed more fitting when I started.  It also looked better in the beginning stages I think. Now it looks rather busy. Typical of myself, I think I went overboard.

Art Journal: Birds on a Wire

I actually completed this a month or two ago, but while I’m planning my next project (an entry for the GREEN challenge on Wednesday Stampers, if its finished in time) I thought I’d post this since I never did get it up when I finished it.


Remember those backgrounds I posted? This was one of those, although it was completed before that post. The background was painted newspaper, and the majority of the rest of it was acrylic paint, although there is some collage and stamping involved, and, for fun, I coated it in wax. I think I’m really supposed to use beeswax, but I don’t have any, so its candle wax tinted with crayon. Oh well. It works.

I started with the idea of birds on a wire, and it came to this. I know the birds are a bit sloppy, but I went with it. I don’t think I was quoting anyone, although it does sound very Emily Dickinson-esque, doesn’t it? In my defense, I took a whole course on her poetry in college, so… some of her words may be ingrained in my psyche.

P.S. I really ought to finish the green challenge since it IS St. Patricks Day. (And by the way, I may be Irish, but the only person authorized to kiss me is way across the Pacific. Friendly hugs are allowed though!)